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  • The Tomes of Abius is over, new game starting this weekend

Welcome to Ninux, a troubled land that has never seen peace. Here, cataclysmic wars and global upheavals create the background for rich adventures. Whether you are on the continent of Grath fighting off the Fandormans or part of the resistance opposing the evil Tremlord of Cycruss, or on Telton exploring places that have only been named, there is fighting to be done. Take to the sky and fly to Kezin, or go deep into the belly of Amez and find the Shienless. Things are changing, magic isn’t the way it used to be, the gods aren’t the same and life isn’t either , but the way things were isn’t as important now.

The land of Ninux has never seen peace. When faced with war, many people fled to the arguable safety of the caverns beneath the earth, creating the Shienless. Since then, the land has seen the effects of a great cataclysm that created the Floating Island and the rise and fall of dozens of gods who attempted to meddle in the affairs of men.

As time rolled on, people began to lose faith in their gods. What were once grand globe spanning religions shrunk down to local cults worshiping small time gods. The grand, earth creating powers of the gods slowly dwindled away. People turned to magi-arts to replace them, creating an industrial society.Not driven by their gods to make war, the people of the world came together and created great cultures and greater cities. Magi-arts make it possible to put magic into the hands of the worker, but at a great cost.

Ninux has room for any kind of adventure, each era has a unique atmosphere that can be used as the background for any style of game. From the discovery and exploration of the Ancient Order, the religious crusades and war of the Fandormans of the Old Order, the horrific post apocalyptic survival of the Dark Order, the traditional feel of the New Order, to the revolutionary and industrial Magical Order

In the Ancient Order you will explore a new land that has just been freed from the grip of mighty dragons and giants. The reign of the ancients has peeled back allowing the new followers of Ninux to grow and prosper. A new world awaits enterprising adventurers. New magic is developing and the artifacts wielded by the ancients are valuable prizes. Chaos still rules the vast wilderness and the frontier very slowly shrinking. Barbaric races and uncivilized tribes are slowly adapting a new way of life, but some are not willing to succumb easily.

In the Old Order you will adventure in a world divided by war. Among the first to become civilized, the dwarves and the elves form a union to hold back the industrious humans. Some believe the Fandormans as the union calls itself are fueled by a love of nature or the old ways, but some think that it is a xenophobic hatred that drives them. Either way, war has broken out and consumes the land. You will pick a side. Will you be among the Fandormans or the Humans, an alliance between humans, half-elves and orcs. Will you join the Shienless, a race of people spawned from the people that ran to Amez, the caverns beneath the earth, to seek protection from a world encompassing war. The followers of Ourhus are a powerful religious force whose vast resources make them a potent presence in this time of war.

In the Dark Order you will be one of few who still live. You will wander alone trying to take back the world from darkness. After the Fandorman War, the magic of the world was consumed as the Doctrines of Ourhus destroyed each other. You walk along the remains of a magic devoid world. The island of Kezin has been created and perhaps bears the only save haven in the world. While you try to live by scraping together what is left of society, the Shienless thrive below.

In the New Order the world has pulled itself together and you will walk among a slowly recovering world. The disillusioned survivors of the Dark Order spurn the worship of their gods. You will adventure among the cult followers of ancient religions, some wishing to spread the forgotten love of their ancient deity, other wishing to find secrets of old magic and power. Meanwhile the darkness must slowly be pushed back and unity must be reestablished among the world. This is the typical era of play.

In the Magical Order you adventure in a land where magic has taken over. Creatives practice magi-art making magical tools and putting them into the hands of everyone. Gravity defying cities float through the air and menial labor is performed by mindless automatons. Legions of Creatives labor to create the things that people now take for granted. Criminals roam through the streets of tremendous magical metropolises and gangs make the roads dangerous. Politics get in the way of progress and the poor roam, jobs taken by the magic that they crave. Adventurers aren’t needed to delve the dungeons of long ago or to fight the monsters of the wilderness. Mysteries involving the still living cults and disappearances resulting from mob activity are abound