Anut Gib



Anut Gib

Barb 1 Fighter 2 Warblade 1

HP = 51 (More with Rage) AC = 1 (Much Lower with Rage/Feats/Charge)

-11 initiative

STR: 28 Temp 30 DEX: 1 CON: 20 INT: 3 WIS: 1 CHA: 1

13 fort -6 reflex -5 will


Was fired while hired as a dock hand. While very capable of carrying as much as needed he often misplaced and or clumsily dropped and broke cargo. While searching for another job he was tricked out of his money by a halfling and placed in an egg only to come out of the ordeal with the “Scaly Curse” Now that he has made some friends who can use his strengths to help them adventure he is out to find a cure to the “Scaly Curse” and become the greatest boat captain that there ever was.

Anut Gib

-Ninux Track_Star