Boddynock "Badger" Nakle

Gnomish Sorcerer




Boddynock Tackle was born in the small town on the east coast of Nixus. Ever since he was little, Boddynock loved talking with small burrowing mammals, so his older sister Ellyjobell gave him the nickname Badger, which he uses to this day. Badger never knew his mother, as she died during childbirth, but he was very close to his father, who ran the alchemy shop in the town. Because of this, he gained an affinity for alchemy at a very early age.

When Badger was only 12, his town was raided by bandits from a nearby bandit camp. As his father and some of the other men of the village attempted to fight off the bandits, Badger, his sister, and many of the village children fled to the nearby port city. Most of group made it safely to the city, except for a few who got lost separated on the way, including Ellyjobell.

A few days after reaching the city, a scouting party confirmed that the town had been burnt to the ground. Among the dead was Badger’s father, and Ellyjobell still had not been found. Many of the surviving children, now orphans, were all but abandoned by the city’s government, as they only had the resources to care for some of them. Since Badger was deemed experienced enough, he began as an apprentice in the local alchemy shop.

Years later, Badger decided to quit working at the shop and began to travel. While traveling, Badger discovered his knack for sorcery, although at first he rarely used his newfound powers, preferring to mediate disputes with words. Eventually, Badger decided to stop traveling and settled in the town of Blaze, where got a job at the alchemy store. However, Badger soon grew bored of his life in Blaze, and set off to find and join an adventuring group.

Since becoming an adventurer, Badger has advanced much further as a sorcerer, and has almost developed a “fight first, ask questions later” approach when it comes to solving disputes. In his pursuit of sorcery, Badger has neglected his alchemical studies as of late. He has also acquired a bat as his familiar, and a fancy hat which is always seen on his person. He named the bat Zubat and has since grown very close to him.

Badger is a very easy-going person in most respects, although he cannot stand causing others unprovoked pain. He is a major believer in total free will, and will not stand for those who attempt to control his or other’s freedom, whether they be good or evil.

This view on life stems from his early life, where the local powers failed to protect his family or offer him aide, and he was made to take care for himself at a very young age. Badger, to this day, harbors a deep resentment for nearly all forms of organized government, and strongly encourages people to live their own lives, however they want, almost to the point of anarchy. He also carries an intense hatred of all bandits. To him, the only wrong one can do is to prevent others from obtaining freedom and happiness, be it through killing or imposing laws on them.

Badger leads the life of a minimalist: he needs little besides dry clothes on his back and a warm meal in his stomach. He spends most of his free time practicing one of the arts he is lucky enough to be talented in: alchemy and sorcery. Besides that, he is usually seen reading a book, playing with his trust bat, Zubat, or cleaning his prized fancy hat.

Badger has no true goals in his life. He does whatever makes him happy in that moment. Currently, this involves practicing his sorcery and adventuring. He makes no plans for the future, beyond knowing that he wishes to continue his existence.

deity: Roth
hair: Brown
skin: Dark tan
eyes: Blue
age: 40
gender: Male
height: 3’6’’
weight: 45 lbs

Boddynock "Badger" Nakle

-Ninux Andross356