Damian Flavianus

Lawful Good Fighter




Damian Flavianus, son of Arthur Flavianus and Lara Klaiten, grew up with unusual luck. At age 1, he took his first steps and at age 3, he wiped out an entire rat infestation in his house using only a towel and a chip of wood. His father worked as a blacksmith, while his mother worked at a nearby farm and often helped her husband. He was sent to school at age 7, and immediately demonstrated an unusual potential in combat, for his skills with a sword outmatched anyone else’s, including the arena master’s. At age 16, he finished school and went back to help his father and assumed the role of an apprentice blacksmith. However, one day he left to run an errand for his father, traveling to a nearby town, and when he came back, his entire village burned before his very eyes in a bright orange-red color. Damian ran to his father’s workshop and found only a burnt corpse and a stained greatsword. Taking his father’s weapon, he ran to his mother’s workplace and found only burnt bodies. Among the dead people, he found his mother’s pendant, covered in ashes. He took the pendant, left the farm, and looked for any monsters that might have stayed behind. As he ran back to his home, he encountered a goblin, who immediately spotted and charged at Damian. Ready as ever, Damian rolled past the goblin, swung his greatsword, and met the goblin’s sword with his own. Damian’s eyes were filled with rage, a look so frightening that the goblin flinched at the sight of it. Damian kicked the goblin, making him lose his balance and fall to the ground. Damian pointed his greatsword down at the goblin’s chest and screamed with fury as he drove his greatsword downwards. When he arrived at his house, he found it engulfed in flames. Damian knelt before his house, shedding tears as he spoke words of grace, and left his hometown in search of more goblins.

Two years after the incident, Damian arrived at the town of Shilone and quickly became part of a group that consisted of a human, an elf, a dwarf, a gnome, and a halfling. Damian also came to terms with his lust for revenge, and officially became a fighter, fighting for justice and good.

Damian Flavianus

-Ninux Merciless91