Fingal Alton Goodberry Brownbarrel Mendelssohn

Gnome Illusionist


Gnome Illusionist 3 Master Specialist 1


Fingal was once just a typical “surface gnome”. His family hadn’t fled to become Shienless ages ago, instead hiding their burrows in ever more remote locations with stronger illusions. Their very survival depended on the ability for threats to simply walk past them. Fingal was apprenticed to Maester Gildedbottom, master illusionist and chief of defense at an early age due to his natural aptitude with illusion spells. After becoming a journeyman, he left to study illusion at the esteemed University of Marinessus. Unfortunately, on his way there his caravan was attacked and he was taken prisoner.

Fingal Alton Goodberry Brownbarrel Mendelssohn

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