Half-Orc Barbarian


Krush never knew his father. Presumably he was a human, but that’s all he knew. His mother, a full-blooded orc, had left him right after Krush and his twin sister Vola were born. Upon returning to her home village, Krush’s mother became the 5th wife to Thokk, one of the stronger orcs in the tribe. Thokk’s children despised Krush and Vola, and fought with them constantly. Krush and Vola soon became inseparable as they struggled together to fit in with the rest of the tribe. Krush practiced night and day to build his strength and skill with a blade – a task that was came naturally for most of the orc children – while his sister tirelessly preformed all the chores and cooking that was needed in the house (this is the only role for women in most orc society) while keeping in constant piety to the orc’s god, Grummsh.

Around the age of ten, Vola’s fierce devotion to Grummsh began to pay off. Her gift was first realized when, while examining one of the wounds Krush received during his training, the deep cut appeared to heal right before her eyes. As she realized the power she had obtained through this divine magic, she began to be accepted in the tribe, despite her being a half-orc. Krush, however, remained an outcast.

On the day they turned 14, Krush and Vola were to complete their rite of passage into adulthood. The pair met with the village chief to find their mission. Most of the orcs held faith that Vola, who had grown powerful over the years, would complete her task, but that Krush, despite his constant training, was not strong enough to succeed as a true orc would. But, before they were given their tasks, the neighboring orc tribe who they had been at odds with launched an assault on the small village.

As all the men of the tribe rushed to defend their home, Krush and Vola saw this as a chance to prove themselves. They set off in search of enemies to fight. Nearing the front lines, Krush began to feel fear. All of a sudden, Krush found himself face-to-face with a warrior from the other tribe. A giant even among orcs, this one-eyed warrior wielded his huge, double axe with ease, sometimes felling multiple foes with one swing. The orc released a deafening roar, causing Krush to cower in fear. His sister stepped in front of him and knocked the warrior to the ground with her magic, and then finishing him off with her lance. Upon witnessing this, Krush turned and ran back to the safety of his home.

The tribe successfully defended their village. After the battle, the chief called Krush and Vora to him. He commended Vora for her bravery and strength on the battlefield, and declared that she had now earned the orc blood that ran in her veins. He then turned to Krush his face nearly red with rage. Krush was declared a coward, a disgrace to all orcs, and was branded with a large “C” on the side of his face, so that all who saw him would know the kind of man he was.

For about a month after being banished, Krush was still sulking in the forest not far from his village, as he was too ashamed to show his face anywhere in public. But one day, he awoke to find that a small family of ferrets had taken up residence in his backpack. Upon discovering that they had soiled most of his belongings, he forced them out and shooed them away. Later that same day, Krush heard the growling of a wolf not far away. Hoping to claim his dinner, Krush headed off in the direction of the noise. As he chased down the wolf, he witness it catching up to the fleeing family of ferrets – the same ones from his backpack earlier that day – and viciously devouring the family, until all that remained was a small baby.

Ridden with guilt from scaring the ferrets away earlier that day, Krush loosed the arrow he had prepared into one of the feral animal’s hind legs. It limped and turned around to snarl at whatever had hurt it. Krush dropped his bow and took out his axe as he ran screaming towards the wolf. It attempted to escape, but it couldn’t get far with its wounded leg before Krush caught up with it. With one clean sweep of the Krush’s axe, the wolf’s head was separated from its body. Krush was still full of rage – directed as much at his own cowardice and stupidity as at the wolf – and he continued to attack the wolf, mauling it to a bloody pulp.

As he calmed down, Krush looked around, surprised to still see the baby ferret laying on the ground, crying. Surprised that it had not run away, Krush picked up the small animal and attempted to comfort it. Once it stopped crying, Krush placed the ferret on his shoulder. Bacon, as he is has been named, stays on Krush’s shoulder to this day, remaining as his faithful sidekick. Although not much help in battle, Bacon has been very useful when hunting, and its ability to perform tricks has help Krush when he was short on food money. Krush cares very deeply for Bacon, and would no sooner part with him than with his own life.

Because of the incident with Bacon, Krush changed his view on his life. He decided to atone for his mistakes, as opposed to simply regretting them. He drove himself even harder, attempting to become a well-respected and brave adventurer. Krush displays his disfiguring scar almost proudly, a reminder of who he used to be, and how far he has come since the day he ran screaming from battle. Krush worships the orc deity, Gruumsh, and hopes to one day be able to return to his tribe and be accepted by the orcs there.


-Ninux Andross356