Walther Evid

A well traveled Cleric from the frontier regions, bringing peace to the bereaved, and an unhealthy dose of scythe to Evil.


HP 44
AC 20
Init +3
Domains: Repose, Community


Walther is a tall man, his skin tanned and muscled from a childhood spent working on a farm. He dresses in sturdy and well worn traveling clothes, unless garbed in the black mourning vestments of Mortent, or the battered armor that has seen him through his travels so far. He carries an ornamented scythe as a symbol of his god, but the worn metal and sharp blade speak of a less religious use for it.
Born on a medium sized farm on the outskirts of the community known as Hillshire, Walther was a fairly ordinary child of one of the more important area farmers. Fifth of seven surviving children, Walther has never wanted for companionship, although occasionally for privacy. He was always slower than the other children, and while this never inhibited his ability to work the farm, his continual losses at games eventually led him to pursue a love of reading. He was lucky both that he lived in a town where reading was encouraged and that his father was wealthy and educated enough to have a few books and understand their value. The first great tragedy in Walther’s life struck when his mother died during the birth of what was to be her twelfth child, along with the girl who would have been Walther’s youngest sibling. He and his family were grief stricken, but with tragedy comes opportunity. The local cleric of Mortent, a man by the name of Sylissis White, arrived swiftly after the news of this tragedy was brought to town, and did wonders consoling the stricken Evids. Walther, fascinated with the elderly White’s wisdom and compassion, quickly took an interest in the religious aspects of Hillshire. His father, having taken a renewed focus on his children and their well being, noticed this and arranged to have his son apprenticed to White, who gratefully accepted another who took an interest in his works. Years of studying religious rites and performing ceremonies for the men, women, and other creatures who inhabit the region, in addition to hard work keep the farm running followed. Walther learned well the creed of Mortent, and was able to perform the proper ceremonies both when his 3rd eldest brother died in a mining accident, and when his father finally succumbed to old age and grief.
Seeing little to tie him to the community he lived in for so long, and feeling the need to explore the world and bring the solace of Mortent to the disparate and grieving peoples of the land, Walther left the farm, now in the care of his eldest brother, and set out to see the world, with nothing but some money, the articles of his faith, and the Scythe that was both the emblem of Mortent and the tool of his previous trade. Along the way he has encountered both hardships and joy, and even managed to help a few people.
Walther is pragmatic and cautious, often waiting to act until he has a clear plan. He prefers not to fight if he can, and will generally attempt to talk through a situation before he commits himself to violence, though he will not hesitate to act if he perceives a viable threat. He always attempts to help the less fortunate, though he would prefer to help others help themselves. His upbringing left him with a fairly broad worldview, which his travels have done nothing but embellish. As such, he is unprejudiced, letting a being’s actions speak for them, instead of jumping to conclusions. Walther is unflinching in support of his god, however, and he seeks to destroy that which is unholy in the eyes of Mortent, and smite those who commit blasphemy in His eyes.
Family: Willhelm (Father, deceased), Matil (Mother, deceased), Ernst (Brother), Hillary (Sister), Kyle (Brother), Samuel (Brother, deceased), Garrison (Brother), Jennifer (Sister), self, Wallace (Brother), Kennith (Brother)

Walther Evid

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