Religion ● Amez

Old Order Amez: The Earth

Amez himself created the earth. Every mountain, valley, river, ocean and continent is a result of his power. Many who dwell on the earth revere its power, and that power is Amez. His clerics live with the world, and seek to keep it as it is, glory preserved. Many of his followers are druids, dwarves or elves, all of which revere the power of the earth and wish to live among it. In some cases, followers of Amez oppose to creeping hand of civilization and seek to oppose it, coming together in all out war to protect the most sacred parts of the wild.

His domains include Cold, Cavern, Ocean, Storm, Fire, Windstorm, and Earth

New Order Amez: The Stable

“The ancient god of the earth remains there still, deep within its core, the whole world upon his back” Dietus the heavenly Scholar

When the Change in order was at hand, Amez ran to the center of his creation where he remains. In the center of the earth, he retains much more of his power than the rest of his brethren. Those who believe in his strength follow his ways. His followers are mostly dwarves who keep up his stability and support the world from the inside.

Weapon: War Hammer
Divine Rank: 5
Temple: Deep Defenders
Portfolio: Earth, Stability
Domains: Travel, Earth, Water, Air, Law, Knowledge


-Ninux FiendishLineage