Doctrines of Ourhus

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Ourhus is complete god that represents the perfect mind, body and magic. Three separate organizations have arisen, each supporting a different interpretation of the Doctrines of Ourhus. They are known as the War Doctrines, the Arcane Creed, and the Aspect of Light. These organizations take an active hand in society, influencing the government and trade for better or worse to try to promote their outlook. These organizations go deeper into society than they appear and have truly entrenched themselves into every aspect of civilization.

The physical doctrines are three ancient bibles that speak of the perfection of Ourhus. They explain all the natural and unnatural phenomena in rational and irrational ways. They claim that Ourhus is the creator and ruler of all things and as creator, he is perfect. Of all his creations, his best, they say, are the creations of mind, body and magic. Although the tomes encourage their readers to achieve perfection in every way but also suggest that perfection in every way is unachievable. This leads to the belief that Ourhus is not the ruler of all three but perhaps only one.

Those with the perfect body took one of the tomes and founded the War Doctrines.

Those with the perfect mind took the second tome and began the Aspect of Light.

And those who perfected magic took the last one and created the Arcane Creed.

  • War Doctrines: the perfect body is a great gift that need not ever disappear
  • Aspect of Light: those with the perfect mind seek to have their achievements outlast them
  • Arcane Creed: your perfection of magic can last forever when you create it

Doctrines of Ourhus

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