Races ‚óŹ Fandormans

An alliance of dwarves and elves who fought against the Humans in the Fandorman War during the Ancient Order. Despite being defeated in the war, small outposts survived to carry their traditions through the Old Order.

Some believe this ancient alliance fought together on the grounds that Humans (a similar alliance of humans, orcs and cast away half-elves) were destroying nature and using its bounty to expand and industrialize. Others believe that they were fueled by xenophobic hatred, suggested by the presence of half-elves among the Human alliance.

Fandorman elves were the epitome of warriors. They bred for strength and toughness and weeded out the weak in their society. Mutations among the elves that were unfit for civilized life were found to be exceptionally huge and strong and were used as elite destruction engines, these were known as the Warbound.

Fandorman dwarves were a powerful asset to the Fandorman war machine because of their skills in weapon forging and mining. They controlled the majority of mineral resources and weaponry on Ninux. Their ingenuity when designing weapons didn’t end with the handheld variety as they created the most powerful tools of war ever designed. Machinery was the talent of the Fandorman dwarves, it protected their strongholds and supported Fandorman troops in battle.


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