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Welcome to the Grand Mage Hall, The Library and University of Marinessus. Contrary to what those troglodytes in The University of Cycruss will tell you, you have just stepped into the grandest repository of worldly knowledge on the planet. Let us guide you to higher enlightenment and educate you on the ways of the world. Here on this wall we have the entire history of the universe, flawlessly documented by our own scholars. Over on this wall we have cataloged every plant, animal and beast in the land. And on this wall we have all known information about the people of our land: their faiths, their kingdoms and everything else. We even have information about the characters, campaigns and adventures of heroes over here on the fourth wall. So come in and learn of our fair world, and don’t forget to leave a donation on the way out, we are non-profit after all.


Descriptions of the unique races that have appeared on Ninux


A brief history from the beginning of the universe to the current age


The many faiths of Ninux through the ages


A tremendous and diverse land

Knowledge Compendium

From plants and animals to unique products and monsters


A description of every game I have written

Adventure Logs

The detailed re-telling of previous games


All the folk in the world, Player character or non

House Rules

Special rules for this game

Main Page

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