New Order

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The Pantheon of the New Order:

With the changing of eras comes a changing of gods. The people whose faiths have changed cause a stir among the gods who all vie for influence over the people of Ninux-Deer. With the death of many gods once thought immortal, new ones have risen to fill the void. And many gods, once thought all powerful, have resorted to underhanded tricks to keep their divinity.

The result is the Pantheon, a divine race where the deities themselves battle and vie for power. The more powerful the god, the higher his status and rank. Weaker gods may drive their followers to eliminate, by destruction or conversion, those who worship higher ranking gods causing them to plummet down in rank. Many gods live in harmony, accepting their status and choosing to live in peace, so not every pious individual is aware of his role in the divine events above him and how his worship affects the gods. For the most part however, the gods who choose peace over aggressive conversion tend to be the highest ranking so if their rank were ever brought into question, they may influence their followers to act accordingly.

Long ago there were more worshipers to go around, the forces of the gods were felt throughout the land. As conflict after conflict weakened the resolve of the population of the world, they spurned their gods, and now the gods are feeling the effects. As a result of this, even the top ranking gods, possess much less than half of their original power

Rank 0-1, Cult Following

Rank 2-3, Multi-City Following

Rank 4, Country Wide Following

Rank 5, Continental Following

New Order

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