Ninux Deer is divided into these main regions:

Grath, a large continent in the eastern hemisphere

  • Praneal, a small, peaceful region on the south eastern end of the continent
    • Evergrown, An alliance of everyone growing and fighting off the nomadic barbarian Cleavers
    • Kuventhal, the trade loving Dwarves of Kuventhal make the peaceful life possible in Evergrown and

Derath, a large continent in the western hemisphere,

TheFloating Island of Kezin, technologically advanced gnomes fight for their lives on the isolated floating island of Kezin

Amez, Named for the god who created the planet, this is the region that is the caverns under the surface

Telton, a continent as mysterious as it is uninhabitable. Its regions are named for those who explored them

Major Landmarks:


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