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The Shienless are the race of people, composed mostly of dwarves, gnomes and halflings, that fled to the center of the earth to avoid destruction in the first apocalyptic war, the Fandorman War. They have spread far and wide across the underside of the world and fight against the other beings that make the darkness their home. Across the eons, they have developed darkvision (most of them) and have otherwise adapted to their subterranean environment. Their skin and hair have lightened, giving them a quite unearthly appearance and their iris-less eyes that grant them darkvision are strange to behold. Most of them share a general mistrust of outsiders, if not outright hatred, some will be willing to listen if the outsider comes bearing trade or gifts, but others are not so kind mostly depending on the particular tribe.

The Shienless live in tribes composed entirely of a single race. Some are nomadic, moving from place to place where ever food can be found, others have settled down long enough to build villages or even cities and fortresses. Their technology has adapted but is largely set back from that of the surface world.

Since trade beneath the earth is made difficult by giant roaming monsters and general xenophobia, most groups are made to survive with the resources around. There is almost always food nearby, but more likely than not it thinks you are food as well. Technology is regional: in some places, where iron and good stone are found, the dwarves build spectacular fortresses, while in others the halflings make armor out of the chitinous bodies of the tremendous deep sea fish

Although large populations of dwarves, halflings and gnomes evacuated the surface originally, there were a few smaller groups of other races that followed them down so there are known humans, elves, half-elves, even orcs and goblins that make their lives down here. They however live mostly nomadic lives.


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