Prior to Year 0 Prehistoric Eras

Year 0 Ancient Order

  • The world is in peace. Ninux has bestowed civilization to the otherwise barbaric world. The Creator pantheon is in place.

Year 26 The First War, The Fandorman War, War of the Races

  • The Fandorman War breaks out, elves and humans fight for supremacy over the world, the first Shienless flee to the depths of the earth to avoid destruction. The war continues on, with none showing signs of weakening.

Year 351 Old Order

Year 420 The Second War, The War of the Minds

  • The Three orders wage their first war. With massive armies and huge displays of magic, the entire world is again locked in war trying to prove the superiority of their beliefs. The War Doctrines create skeletal hordes that rage across the world, the Arcane creed consumed the worlds magic to create the Towers, and the Aspect of light creates the Floating Island. As the hordes ravaged the world, only those who were aboard the Aspect of Light’s island, inside the towers of the Arcane Creed, and beneath the earth survived. War broke out among the gods as well when the world again plunged into chaos.

Year 456 Dark Order

  • The Doctrines of Ourhus, powerless to undo their actions stood by as the remaining inhabitants begged their gods for assistance. The world was doomed, devoid of magic, riddled with tremendous holes and teeming with undead. The period of slow and painful regeneration afterward is known as the Dark Order.
  • During the worlds recovery, new gods emerged and the three Doctrines of Ourhus fell into more peaceful states, promoting the bettering of the world. however the War Doctrines still sought more power and schemed to once again be powerful enough to take over the world.

Year 1001 The Third War, War of the Soul

  • The great necromancer Abius, challenged the might of the Doctrines of Ourhus and with the powers of Krien, forged the Tomes of Abius. Abius used his nearly unstoppable power to crush the world and it was only by the scheming of the War Doctrines that anyone was prepared to stop his onslaught. The two great forces collided in another world ending war, this time the Doctrines of Ourhus were completely dissolved and the Tomes of Abius were scattered across the world.
  • The new gods vie for power and clash in a titanic extra planar war that despite never touching the Material plane had lasting and far reaching effects

Year 1101 New Order

  • The world is recovering again and again new gods emerged hundreds of years later. The only lesson learned from numerous undead related apocalypses is that the practice of necromancy is forbidden.

Year 1706 Magical Order, The Birth of Magi-Art

  • The world is in the midst of a magical revolution, Magi-Artists produce glorious feats of magic that change the way the world is run. The turbulent, violent history of the world seems long gone, but people face new problems even as the frontier is pushed back. The gods seem to take a back seat.


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