Ulfgar Holderhek

Dwarf Fighter


Dwarf Fighter
Alignment: Lawful Good
Diety: Moradin
Size: Medium
Age: 57
Gender: Male
Height: 4’ 2"
Weight: 175 lb

HP: 33
AC: 18
Touch Armor: 11
Flat Footed: 16
Speed: 20
Initiative: +5

Strength: 16
Dexterity: 13
Constitution: 15
Intelligence: 13
Wisdom: 14
Charisma: 9

Fortitude Save: 5
Reflex Save: 2
Will Save: 2

MW Dwarven Waraxe
Slashing, 1 vs Goblins and Orcs, +7 Attack, 1d102 damage, Critical x3
Dread Blade
Slashing 1 double sword
Morning Star
Slashing/Bludgeoning, +5 Attack, 1d8
2 damage, Critical x2
Throwing Axe
Slashing, 5 Attack, 1d82 damage
Crossbow (rarely used)
Piercing, +4 Attack, 1d6 damage, Critical x2

Chain Mail
Medium, +5 AC, -5 Check Penalty, 25% Spell Failure
Heavy Steel Shield
+2 AC, -2 Check Penalty, 15% Spell Failure

Improved Initiative
Weapon Focus – Dwarven Waraxe
Combat Expertise

Special Abilities:
Stone Cunning
Attack Bonus vs. Goblins
Dark Vision 60 feet
+4 Dodge Bonus vs. Giants



Ulfgar Holderhek comes from a long and proud line of Dwarven travelling merchants. Very little is known his earlier ancestors, but it is known that his parents, Azkral Holderhek and Werabryn Ithazak, seemed to do most of their dealings around Kuventhal, mostly before Ulfgar was even born. Azkral and Werabryn had somewhat of a permanent home in Kuventhal, but they sometimes chose to travel to distant cities for profit, and to spread the influence of Kuventhal and the Holderhek name around Ninux-Deer.

Azkral, Ulfgar’s father, did not like a life of combat, and did not carry any weapons with him, not even a dagger. It is just as so, since Werabryn, Ulfgar’s mother, devoted most of her life to the rigors of combat. They met during what was a normal day, until bandits raided Azkral’s caravan not too far from Kuventhal. The bandits easily overpowered Azkral, and were in the process of looting his wares, when a battle-ready Werabryn suddenly arrived onto the scene. She easily dispatched of the bandits, and tended to Azkral’s wounds. Azkral was unconscious, so Werabryn brought him to an inn for the night after making sure all of his wares were safe.

Azkral woke up early the next morning, and saw Werabryn peacefully sleeping at his bedside. They instantly fell in love, and got married soon afterwards. Werabryn decided to set aside her waraxe in order to pursue a more peaceful life, helping Azkral with his profession as a merchant. Because of this, it was usually Werabryn’s duty to protect the Holderheks as they trekked along the lands of Ninux-Deer. Many townsfolk insulted Azkral for not being manly, and forcing his wife to fight for him, but both mother and father took the insults with stride. It seems a peaceful life would befit young Ulfgar, from his father’s decision to be passive, but this was not the case.

A young Ulfgar came across his father’s old waraxe one day in their house on the outskirts of Kuventhal, and was bonded, almost at a spiritual level, with the weapon. He brought it outside one faithful day, when a hyena jumped out and attacked the young Dwarf. As if guided by a mystical or divine force, he expertly slew the attacking hyena. The battle was somewhat of a memorable one – at times, Ulfgar felt as if he could read the hyena’s thoughts, and always felt one step ahead of the wild beast. Later, he brought the carcass before his parents. Needless to say, they were speechless – Azkral, afraid for his son’s safety, and Werabryn, for the amazing talent that Ulgar showed in the area of combat. After that encounter, the old waraxe would almost never leave Ulfgar’s side. He would bring it to the dinner table, bring it along their travels, and even when he met with his peers. It wasn’t before long that Werabryn decided to foster their son’s fascination with the axe, and decided to teach her son the ways of battle herself. Many of Ulfgar’s cousins, not to mention a great number of dwarves in Kuventhal, shunned him upon seeing this, as he would be forsaking the Holderhek tradition of resorting to battle only as a last resort.

One day, the training young Ulfgar received from his mother would be put to the ultimate test.

Life for the Holderheks was not all happiness and joy. The wares that they sold were losing popularity, taking their place were the large shipments of raw materials and dwarven arms that had boomed, in the face of scattered reports of necromancy that popped up around Ninux-Deer.

The Holderheks, Azkral, Werabryn, and young Ulfgar, decided to travel to the distant town of (distant town? Farther east of Blaze) on the tip that many major trade routes and caravans started to filter through it. They packed plenty of provisions, expecting a lengthy travel and extended stay in the town. Along the way, Ulfgar was restless – he could almost hear the chattering of bandits as they plotted to attack their small convoy. Whenever he explained his fears to his parents, they laughed it off, telling him that his mother would protect them, and that they were well respected among the lands, and that they didn’t necessarily stand out enough to warrant a bandit attack. One night, as the family settled down for the night, Ulfgar couldn’t sleep. He instead stared into the night sky, pondering about his cousins and ancestors, and the strange passive life his parents were leading where in other cities he saw dwarves protecting villages in their shining armor and battle-hardened equipment.

That same night, Ulfgar, finally able to fall asleep, was suddenly awakened by what he thought was the rustling of grass. He did not see anyone in the vicinity, and thought it was just a stray animal. The rustling seemed to have multiplied, and Ulfgar realized that he wasn’t so much hearing the rustling as he was sensing them. He quickly stood up and reached for the old waraxe, ready to attack whatever might threaten his family. He saw, in the corner of his eye, a figure dressed in all black jump down from the trees. He was just about to shout to wake up his parents, but a blow to the back of his head knocked him out, and he fell down, unconscious.

When Ulfgar woke up, he was greeted by a couple of very concerned-looking humans. They pestered him with questions and with provisions, but Ulfgar was concerned with only one thing – his parents. They were nowhere to be seen, and the humans didn’t see any other dwarfs in the area, other than the few who lived in Blaze, a town barely 10 minutes to the south. No traces of his parents remained, only the old waraxe, which most people would look upon having little monetary worth. Deeply saddened and traumatized, he decided to join the humans in travelling to Blaze, and settled there. He had nowhere to go, no place to stay, and the journey back to Kuventhal would be an arduous one in the current state. Thus, he decided to hone his skills with his waraxe and joined the town guard in Blaze to make a living. He talked to the limited number of adventurers who passed through the city, inquiring about any information about his parents, but his efforts were in vain.

When he first entered Blaze, though, a town elder seemed to be anticipating his arrival. Ulfgar had obviously never seen the man before in his life, but the man seemed very fascinated by Ulfgar, and pestered him with many questions. After settling down in the inn, Ulfgar went to meet the elder. The elder was blind, but when interacting with Ulfgar, he was no less competent than those blessed with the gift of sight. The words he told Ulfgar were many, but among the most important were
“There is great power within you, child. How you decide to use it, will affect the lives of many, for better or for worse.”
Ulfgar didn’t really take the warning seriously, and mainly trained his skills as a fighter. He was instrumental in fighting off goblin and kobold attacks, and vowed to keep the roads safe from bandits. In his spare time, he tried to find out more about his ancestors, whom he knew nothing about. Even his knowledge of his parents was relatively limited. However, with Blaze being such a small town, he wouldn’t have been able to find out anything even if he tried.

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Ulfgar Holderhek

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